NAME: Tri Vo

DISABILITY: Moderate Intellectual Disability (ID), Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy

*Restricted Health Plan*  



I am working for chart? No

Read/write?  No


Makes noticeable hand gestures when he is excited about something and can sometimes talk very loud without realizing it. He shows a lot of excitement towards his favorite things and likes to pretend he is a cop when he is upset.

Reinforcers/special interests that will motivate participant?

  • Works for front seat

  • Enjoys looking for slug bug cars during car rides

  • Loves turning on car throughout the day

Restroom Accidents?  No, but make sure he washes his hands.

Eating habits?

Does not require visuals, and he is very quiet while eating. He enjoys talking after his lunch is all gone. He also brings a lunch from home and drinks  water and tea all day.

3 areas that your participants should focus on?

  • Work on quick responses

  • Eye contact

  • Accepting change

  • Talking about non related work topics

  • Communicate more with site employees, and customers

  • Lowering excitement in the workplace

Special tips/instructions?

Tri needs to know the pickup and drop off times since mom gives him an alarm in the morning so he can be ready on time. He carries a bag filled with his grooming essentials. He is prone to seizures.

Updated: October 2019