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Fri, May 29


Google Hangouts/Face Time Your Participant

Superhero Day!

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Superhero Day!
Superhero Day!

Time & Location

May 29, 2020, 9:00 AM

Google Hangouts/Face Time Your Participant

About the event

Online Resource: 

Queen of Theme Party Games: Superhero Games

Things you need

Activity 1: Oversized clothing / Timer

Activity 2: Bag or pillowcase. 4 random objects (flower, keychain, sock, etc.) 

Activity 3: Your Best Jokes


Call your participant and inform them of today's superhero activity, have them grab some superhero clothes anything they can think of! Once your video chat starts, talk about creating your own superhero. 

  1. What is your superhero name? 
  2. What is your special power? 
  3. What are you fighting for? (Peace, justice, happiness, etc.) 
  4. After, start your superhero game. 

Activity 1: Dress up Relay 

It is important as a superhero to always be ready to fight crime. In this superhero party game you and your participant race to put on an oversized blazer, shoes, hats, jewelry, and glasses all under 5 Min. Try to make it before your timer rings, superhero's must get ready in a flash. After your all dressed up go over your favorite superhero poses and take pictures. Remember to get Creative! 

Activity 2: X-Ray Vision: 

The superheroes practice their x-ray vision skills by reaching into mystery bags and trying to guess what the objects are by touch only. This superhero game is as simple as filling some brown paper lunch bags with different household objects or even food such as popcorn, an apple cut in half, broccoli florets. Use your imagination and you’ll come up with all kinds of things. 

Activity 3: Joker's Stone Face Challenge: 

You are in training to be prepared for the bad guys' underhanded tricks. In this game the superheroes are stuck in one of the Joker’s villainous traps and the only way to escape is to make it through without laughing. Take turns being the Villian. Each person must take turns telling their best jokes and make the other superhero's laugh, you have one minute to say your funniest jokes to make the other players laugh. They earn a point for everyone who laughs.


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