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You will be using CANVA to create your resume.

Clear Motivations

How to make your own resume using the CM resume template

Step 1:  After logging in, look for the CM resume template

Clear Motivations

CM Resume Template

Step 2:  Click on        then make a copy of the template        

Clear Motivations
Clear Motivations

Click on "Make a copy"

Step 3: After making a new copy, rename the resume template

Clear Motivations

Type in your participant's name

Step 4: Open the file and fill out the form with your participant's information

Clear Motivations

Examples of skills and abilities:

1) Customer service

2) Attention to detail


4) Organization

5) Reliable

6 Willing to learn new tasks

7) Adaptability to changes

Note for coaches:

Only use the participant CM email created.

Do not use the participant’s phone number. Use the participant’s Caseload manager’s number. If you don’t know, contact the EF Department. 


Education: Start with Clear Motivations' work training program and then high school.

Work experience: Start with their current job or internship site. If needed, reach out to the EF Department to get that information. Internship sites count as work experience, too. 

Include if your participant is bilingual. 

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