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Why hire our participants?

CM participant’s have the necessary skills to compete in today’s workforce. CM provides on the job training and support to help our participants excel in the professional world. Our participants have completed an extensive internship program that focuses on 6 important qualities of a good employee: strong work ethic, dependable, positive attitude, self motivated, team orientated, and effective communication.

What positions can the participants work?

The answer is any position that is available. Our participants are eager to work and learn! Some positions that our participants currently work are: Office clerk, food prep/cook, service assistant, store associate, backroom associate, and dishwasher/maintenance.

What is their availability?

This really depends on each individual participant’s availability. However, most of our participant’s have full availability.

Does my business have to pay the job coach as well?

NO. Job coaches are directly hired with Clear Motivations. We cover all insurance and fees for our coaches, they are simply there only to provide that little extra support your new CM participant employee will need.

Do I need to know how to work with people with disabilities?

No. Our professional job coaches are trained to work with all kinds of disabilities. We partner a coach to those who need that extra support. Your job as an employer is to treat your new employee equally as any other employer.

Does the participant need to work a certain amount of hours?

No, they do not have a minimum or maximum of hours that they are required to work. Most of our participants are looking for part time employment.

I'm interested in hiring a CM participant... Who can I contact?

There are a few questions we need you to answer first. Once we have the information we need, someone from our office team will contact you and give you more information with who we think would be the best fit for the position you’re trying to fill. We can then set up an interview with the participant and yourself to see if they are someone you can see joining your team. Click on the link to get started: www.clearmotivationsnpo.org/hire-a-participant