Step 1 - Getting Started


Do you know where you want to work?

There are tons of opportunities waiting for you out there! It's up to you to decide where it is you want to work. Have a conversation with your coach and fill out the Job Assessment form together!

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Step 2 - Gathering Your Essentials

Do you have access to an email account?

Having access to your email account is important when it comes to applying to jobs! It is how most employers communicate with you. Have your coach help you create a professional email or help you log in to a current one. 

Do you have a resume?

Having a resume is crucial when applying to jobs! It is what shows employers your experience and professional skills. Learn more about why a resume is important and get started on building your own!

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Step 3 - Knowing the Do's & Dont's


Step 4 - Time for you to try!

Mock Interview Time!

The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be - resulting in a better outcome. Practice answering these interview questions with your coach!

Download the Printables!

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